Reservations must be secured early:

To make a reservation call Pam between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm at:1-312-316-0422. Have both your ideal and back-up dates prepared before calling. Some dates are booked a year in advance. Call early! Once you have your date, get an approximate number of houses from your guests, and send in a $50.00 Deposit with the contract on the next page to BBC Hollydays. Your cancelled check is your receipt.

View pictures from parties in the GALLERY.

We currently only serve the Greater Chicagoland Area.
The Size of Your Party:

Our minimum site party is 10 individuals building houses. THESE 10 houses must be done at the party, and kits are not included in the 10 house minimum. Parties with less than 10 houses will still be charged the $350.00 required.

The maximum size of your party is only limited by your available workspace.
2012’s Price of your Party:

Each Gingerbread house is $35.00 including tax. Some take home gingerbread house kits (not included in your 10 party count) are available at the party, or can be ordered. These boxed kits come with over 300 pieces of candy, a board, frosting, gingerbread, and instructions; but not the take home box. If you want us to ship kits, call us for the cost of shipping/delivery.

Payment for your party:

Individuals are requested to pay the hostess/host prior to the party date. Cash and/or ONE check written by the host to BBC for services rendered will be accepted. A written receipt will be issued. Your demonstrator can NOT accept multiple checks. This is our company’s policy. We do charge $50.00 for returned checks.

Calling in your count:

10 days prior to your party please CALL BBC with an exact number of houses that will be built at your party. As with any catering company, You WILL be charged for all ordered houses. If there are any changes to your party, call us and we will try to accommodate your needs. BBC does NOT call you for your count. If you do not call in your count 10 days prior to your party, this contract is considered void, and your party may not be done, with NO refund of your deposit.

Your Party Start Time:

Please note that our demonstrators will be provided for only 3 hours from your designated start time. The demonstrators will generally show up 10-15 minutes before your reserved start time. Your guests should also be there prior to your start time, so that all can enjoy the full amount of time with your demonstrator.

What BBC brings to your party:

BBC provides the base for your house, the 6 pieces of gingerbread, ONE bag of frosting, at least 25 varieties of candy, a demonstrator, and the box to take your completed house home in. You will be charged $3.00 for each additional bag of frosting beyond the first, and $3.00 for each piece of gingerbread that is broken by your guests and replaced. Your demonstrator may try to fix pieces if they are able.

Your Demonstrator:

Your demonstrator will usually be at the place of your party roughly 10-15 minutes before your parties start time. Your demonstrator is contracted for only 3 hours from your reserved start time. Your demonstrator may bring extra supplies with them that are in addition to what you ordered.

If you are impressed with your demonstrator, and you enjoyed your party, you may want to tip your demonstrator.

1.Your demonstrator is responsible for:

ohanding out building materials

oshowing guests how to build their houses

ogiving advice on how to apply candy

oreducing the risk of house collapse

ofixing collapsed houses if it is possible

oboxing up completed houses

oremoval of our surplus supplies only


Canceling your party:

A two-week cancellation is required for refund of the deposit. We at BBC Hollydays also reserve the right to cancel a party with at least two hours notice on days when weather does not permit safe travel for our staff and your guests. When we cancel a party: the demonstration will be rescheduled if possible, or your deposit will be refunded/applied to next year.

2012’s Family/Group Parties:


For parties where more than two builders are working on a house, an additional fee will be charged of $2.00 per person. For example, if you have 5 people working on a single house (you have 3 extra people) you will pay $6.00 in addition to the $35.00 house fee.

Don’t have time for a party?
Want a unique gift?

The cost of a completed house as pictured on the cover of this flyer, cost $40.00 plus delivery. The boxed house cannot be shipped by mail/UPS/FedEx/Etc. It can only be delivered personally by BBC elves. Call for delivery cost to your area.

Mailable Gingerbread House kits are available for order at $40.00 each and come in a UPS approved box, but do not include either a base board or a take home box. If you want us to ship kits, call us for the cost of shipping/delivery.

9:00 am.

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